The story begins

How the party came together.

The story begins with the groups having a chance meeting through fate. They met on The Hill by she shore in the village of Shadewood. There they were met by the Daughter of Chaos who offered them a draw of The Deck of Many Things, while John of the Celestial Bureaucracy gave counsel. All present took a chance at the deck. Horgretor Darkeyes was the only one that came out unscathed, having gained 4 levels. The other three either had their souls sucked out of their bodies or transported into a extra dimensional prison.

Horgretor was then joined on the hill by Bacall, who was on the hunt for the recently disappeared Omulus Pajoram. Draven Masterson joined them there as he was led there by his imaginary friend, Kotori.

As they met there the village was attacked by drow. The group ran to investigate and found The Shady Lady under attack. As the party attacked the Drow they were assisted by Shadar Haran in it’s defense. Once the drow were defeated three of the party left into the burning village while Shadar looted the dead drow.

The other three managed to catch and interrogate one drow as the frightened screams of the village died down.


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